Power Steering

NAK Power Steering Seals, including rotary seals on the steering shaft and reciprocating seals on the rack shaft, is designed with excellent quality for sealing of the hydraulic power steering fluid. 


  • To prevent pressure loss
  • To ensure power steering’s operation

Typical NAK Pinion Shaft Seals

  • Rotary seal installed on the steering shaft to prevent leakage and maintain lubrication
  • Bonded rubber-metal design to ensure strength while offering excellent sealing
  • Secondary lip to prevent reversion of the main lip

Typical NAK Rack Shaft Seals

  • Reciprocating seals installed on the rack shaft of the power cylinder
  • Compounded design with metal casing and back-up ring to ensure sealing at high pressures
  • Integrated back-up ring to enable better pressure resistance
  • Hydrodynamic helix to reduce friction and heating thus to prolong seal life


NAK Bellows are installed on the steering system to protect the parts of the steering rack against external contaminants to maintain proper lubrication of the gears that are key components of the steering rack.