NAK wheel hub seals for light vehicles have a axial excluder design to provide sealing against perpendicular counter surfaces.


NAK C.V. JOINT BOOTS are designed to operate in critical conditions such as high speed, large rotational angle, and extreme temperatures.  They are technical rubber components in the vehicle for protecting transmission from outside contaminants. NAK C.V. JOINT BOOTS are made of high-performance elastomers can ensure greater durability thus reducing the cost for replacements.


NAK ST Series Hub Seals are high-durability wheel hub seals for medium to heavy duty vehicles.

They are made by integrating multiple components to offer the best sealing and service life for the heavy haulers in the trucking industry.

The labyrinth design of dust lips effectively prevents mud penetration and dissipates the heat produced during operation.

The special style of hydrodynamic aid increases the pumping rate and reduces temperature rise and rubber wear.