Dedication of Our R&D Team

NAK has a strong and dedicated team of R&D, we not only design, develop and do material research on our own, but we also take the initiatives on following up with our customers, providing competent technical support. Our R&D has direct link with our customer so to be able to obtain first-hand information of the specifications, requirements and demands of our customer thus improving the successive rates of new product development and customer satisfaction to a higher level. 

Decrease in overhead costs and coming up with the finest design by full implementation of the FEA software (Finite Element Analysis), building up theoretical analysis for various manufacturing process; combine the designed product, tooling and CNC code with the original self developed software design known as the SCAD (Seal Computer Aided Design) software design to decrease the failure rates during trial runs. Thus making the manufacture of our tooling molds much more precise and efficient to further secure our product quality.

As for the material research, NAK has a complete line of equipment and ingredient research lab. Starting from the research and development of rubber compounding, characteristic testing, rubber material analysis, down to the quality inspection are all done systematically here in NAK. NAK also implement the ASTM rubber testing method including process ability test of pre-vulcanized rubber, test of hardness of plastic and rubber, test of material tensile strength and adhesive strength, test of heat aging /oil immersion/ fuel immersion/low temp. properties /compression set, test of rebound properties/ microscopy of compound dispersion, FT-IR analysis, and etc. Throughout the years NAK has also developing environmental friendly material, which follows several international standards such as ROHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), REACH(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), GADSL(Global Automotive Declarable Substance List) and etc. 

We also take investment of advanced testing equipment as one of our high priorities, therefore, we have built our own in house dynamic test center and material research laboratory;Regarding to industry-academy cooperation, NAK is working with schools and research centers to bring our developing capabilities to even higher level.

Owning a wide product range, copyright from multiple countries in the world, and a strong R&D team with prestige result in the field of research and development is one of the key factors to our rapid growth every year. With the advanced technology and complete range of product lines, NAK has the absolute advantage in growth.