Computer Aided Design or CAD has an integral part within NAK. CAD in simple terms is a set of computer programs that create two or three dimensional (2D or 3D) graphical representations of physical objects. CAD is used to design various products in different industries.

In NAK, we design and develop seals using this software and our R&D department has developed an in-house SCAD system for professional use. NAK‘s“SCAD” system includes 147 seal types where, Our engineers enter the seal type, dimension, and material; the SCAD system automatically designs the seal and displays the product and mold drawing. It can also translate the mold drawing to a CNC-Code automatically. This allows an engineer to both interactively and automatically analyze design variants, to find the optimal design for manufacturing while minimizing the use of physical prototypes. This system has been of great help for engineers to design the seal and the mold tooling. It saves time and also reduces human error.