NAK is an ISO 9001/14001/45001/50001, IATF 16949 registered manufacturer of Oil Seals and Technical Sealing Products used for a wide range of applications. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and technology through continual improvements on quality, NAK has secured its position on the global OE market and also became one of the top leading manufacturers of sealing products with collaboration and distribution networks spread throughout the world. NAK's seals are being used in a wide range of industrial sectors including Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Construction and Mining Equipment.

  • Technology

    Introducing NAK's latest washing machine oil seals!  Tailored for compatibility with washing machine chemicals, they effectively prevent leaks and ensure a smooth, efficient operation. From top loaders to front loaders, NAK's seals are engineered with advanced rubber formulas for peak performance.

  • Technology

    Industrial 4.0 is currently one of the most widely discussed topics. As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on enhancing the capabilities of their automation equipment, which has become a prevailing trend in the industrial sector.

    At NAK, we are committed to continuous research and development in the realm of oil seals to meet our customers' expectations. Our dedication extends to creating oil seals for automation assembly, manufacturing automation components, and more.


  • Technology

    NAK offers a comprehensive range of standard and custom cassette seals, specially designed to excel in challenging environments and extreme conditions. These seals are perfectly suited for applications in industries such as agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, and off-highway vehicles. Featuring a labyrinth seal design, our cassette seals provide exceptional self-protection against external contaminants, offering the following benefits:

    > Great protection against heavy contaminations

    > Reduction in maintenance requirements and downtime

    > Extended seal life

    > Customizable designs tailored to excel in any harsh environment.

  • Technology

    StreamSyn Sealing Solution is our customized, high-performance seal development process. This process gives our customers freedom in design, because they are no longer restricted by the standard seals available.

    NAK works with customers, partnering with them, to develop seals that best meet their needs. Through thorough communication, we take time to understand our customers’ needs in every stage, including seal selection, design, test, seal installation, and seal performance optimization. We work together to help improve the performance and value of the customers' products.



  • Engine System: Crankshaft, Camshaft, Valve Stem, Timing Gear, and etc.
  • Transmission System: Gearbox, Drive Shaft, Differential Gear Box, and etc.
  • Steering System: Axial, Wheel Axle, Hub, Power Steering, and etc.
  • Suspension System: Shock Absorber, Strut Bearing.

NAK’s Automotive Seals are designed in various types to suit for different applications. We not only provide standard size, but also design depending upon customer requirements.


NAK’s Industrial Seals are widely used in different applications, i.e.: Gear Reducers, Gearboxes, Motors, Power Tools, Pumps, Robotic Arms, Washing Machines, Wind Turbines etc. Our seals are all made of high-performance materials and have excellent capabilities. For special seal designs of industrial appliances, please contact our local NAK Company for more information.

Agriculture, Construction & Mining

NAK Agricultural “AP” Seal is designed for use in heavy contaminated applications such as Agricultural Machinery, Construction and Mining Equipment, Track Driven Vehicles, etc. It is ideal for use where oil or grease must be held in contact with rotary shaft and bearing assemblies, while at the same time sealing against external contaminants is required. With the exceptional design of a unitized seal body and multiple lips and bumpers, the NAK AP Seal is the ultimate dirt excluder. Custom designs can be worked out and NAK will ensure that the seal is made to the exact specification.

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