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NAK is an ISO9001 / 14000,TS16949,OHSAS18001 registered manufacturer of Oil Seals and Technical Sealing Products for a wide range of applications. With 30 years of experience in manufacturing and continual improvements on quality and technology, NAK has not only secured its position on the global OE market but also become one of the top leading manufacturers of sealing products in the world. NAK has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China and Iran, and exports its seals to more than 50 countries of the world. NAK seals are being used in a wide range of industrial sectors including Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Construction and Mining Equipment. With new sectors and applications constantly being added, we now produce more than 80,000 items of seals.
2015/3/10 NAK Taiwan will participate in 2015 Taipei AMPA
2015/1/28 NAK News - NAK Product Information of WEAR-PRO Shaft Protection Sleeve
2014/3/3 NAK News - NAK Product Information of Engine Valve Cover Gasket Kits
2013/12/16 New Product - NAK Transmission Bonded Piston Seal Kit
2012/9/27 NAK News - NAK Product Information of Pin Dust Seals
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Rotary Seals & V-Seals for Wind Turbines Bonded piston seals for automatic transmission

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