NAK has not only secured our position and reputation but also became the top no.1 leading manufacturer of sealing products in Taiwan.

Our company, NAK Sealing Technologies has a great and robust history dating back to the 1970’s, when our Chairman Mr. Joseph Shek established the company in 1976 to drive an organization with its fundamental principles based on innovation, research, perseverance and social commitment. Today, NAK Sealing Technologies is the largest manufacturer of sealing products across Taiwan and the first ever corporate organization in this sector to ever go public on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange, as in the year 2002. NAK’s high quality products driven by extensive research and innovation have been acknowledged by customers both in the domestic and international markets for decades.

Currently, NAK has subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Russia, Thailand along with mutual partnerships with companies in the US and Europe serving customers in more than 70 countries across the world. NAK Sealing Technologies is an ISO 9001/14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 registered manufacturer acquired in the year 2006 and 2008, and acquired IATF 16949 certification in 2017.

NAK mainly emphasizes on social peace, social benefits and mutual trust between the employees and management. The social commitment dates back to the 1970’s principles of the founder to ensure a social, job security to the staff and to progressively promote a strategy to develop and grow along with the company.

Based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we established “Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety & Health Office”, which is responsible for promoting environmental protection and occupational safety and health; “Legal Affairs Office” is set up to help with laws and regulations. We also adjusted Sales and RD Department to provide better services and technical support to meet customers’ needs. Thereby NAK will continue to move towards prosperity, welfare and environmental sustainability.



To market and manufacture to a World Class Manufacturing level with a World Class Brand

NAK’s mission is to build a superior corporate culture. Our R&D, Marketing and Manufacturing utilize methodology which includes Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Management, Organizational Design, and Process Re-engineering. Our aim is to market and manufacture to a World Class Manufacturing level with a World Class Brand.

Core Values

Value for Customers

Complete satisfaction of our customer’s needs and expectations is our fundamental goal. We resolve to make our customers more successful and efficient by helping them solve their problems. We create long term business partnerships with our customers by offering them consistent quality, on-time service and sharing our technical excellence.


We submit ourselves in satisfying our responsibilities to our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and communities. We require our people to work with reliability, to act with accountability, and to actively fulfill their duties to the best of their capabilities.


Innovation in all areas of our company is a crucial principle for development, our process of innovation initiates from the creation of corporate strategy in marketing, management, technology and manufacturing. We utilize organizational learning and continuous improvement in all areas in order to become the global leader in sealing industries.


Leadership is conducted through empowerment, coaching, guidance and participation. We aggressively cultivate future leaders with caring personalities, professional skills and strong wills. When we accomplish our goals our leaders credit their people; when we fail, our leaders accept full responsibility for the shortfall.


We strive to meet the needs of our people by promoting a happy and effective working environment. We create an atmosphere of peace and respect in order to provide our people the opportunity for self-development and fulfillment. We build team synergy so that our people and the organization benefit each other and grow as one.

Long Term Orientation

Our thought processes are always influenced and focused on long term results. Our dedication to long term success begins and ends with maintaining a healthy financial foundation, monitoring and adjusting to our changing market, and producing products of unique value for our customers.

Social Responsibility of NAK

  1. NAK realizes the concept of “Consume what we earned in our society.” Therefore, we have been holding a grateful heart to do anything for the contributions of our societies for better environment.
  2. The responsibility for our shareholders: have shareholders earn the maximum benefits and gain available correct financial data of our corporate.
  3. The responsibility for our customers: provide customers high safety and high quality products, complete and correct products information, fair and honest products advertisements, and perfect customer services.
  4. The responsibility for our staffs: guarantee NAK staffs’ basic human right and working right; provide them welfare, like the assistance in medical treatment, pensions, accident insurance, life and career development, the subsidies of education and training, and so on.

Safety, Health, Environmental, and Energy Policy

At NAK, we hold dearly the well-being of our workers, as well as the impact of our products on the Environment. We are committed to a long-term sustainable approach to caring for safeguarding the environment. We operate to those high standards and require the same compliance from our business partners and contractors. To meet those requirements, NAK is committed to the following:

  1. Compliance with regulations: Full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and other obligations. Educational programs are held regularly to increase employees’ environmental, Safety, Health and Energy awareness.

  2. Green supply chain: Jointly maintain the Green Earth Village, support green procurement and cleaner production.

  3. Energy saving and waste reduction: Energy saving design and minimize the waste produced through business activities and look for innovative ways to recycle waste materials.

  4. Hazard prevention: Focus on safety. Manage the life cycle of our products, solutions and services in an environmentally responsible manner.

  5. Health promotion: Through health education, promote practices that can increase personal, psychological, social and moral health.

  6. Continuous improvement: Continuously review our policies and evaluate the impact of our activities on the environment, safety, health and energy.

  7. Target setting: Set goals to reduce these impacts and measure our progress.